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Reliable has new, used, and reconditioned drums available to satisfy your shipping and storage requirements. The used steel, fiber, and plastic drums are made available for sale either "as is" or after being reconditioned. Available in 55-gallon drums and other popular sizes, these used drums are affordable and will help your bottom line.

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Drum Lid Blaster . Designed to blast clean the surface of 55 gallon steel drum lids using steel shot or grit abrasive. The production rate will vary (140-160 per hour) depending on the condition of the lids. The standard blast cabinet is constructed from 3/8" manganese steel in areas of direct shot impact.

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Dallas Steel Drums. Since 1963 Dallas Steel Drums Inc. has been a leader in providing reconditioning, recycling and container services for our industry. We are a …

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Drums, 55 gallon, securing Drums, loaded 55 gallon Drums, loaded Drums, moving by dolly Drums, moving by hand Drums, moving, empty Drums, palletizing Equipment, setup and takedown Floor Cleaning Fuel Container, handling

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Reconditioning refers to the cleaning, restoring, testing, and certifying of industrial containers. Find out more about the specific steps involved in reconditioning each of the packaging types below. Steel Drums. Poly Drums. IBCs. Fiber Drums. Steel Drums. There are two basics processes used to recondition steel drums: thermal & aquatic.

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tight head steel drum reconditioning. open head steel drum reconditioning. drum reclamation furnaces/afterburners. poly drum reconditioning & destruction. ibc reconditioning. new steel drum & components mfg. industrial prototype machines. industrial parts washers. industrial painting systems. used & rebuilt machinery

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These are the things you hear professional reconditioners, and container manufacturers the world over say, when they talk about Richmond Machine's equipment and machinery. Most other machine manufacturers build to minimum tolerable standards, using the 80/20 rule.

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Relying on the know-how and experience of highly skilled engineers and technicians, we are looking forward to be your partner for the custom design and manufacturing of a whole range of steel drum production and reconditioning equipment, including drum ends manufacturing, steel drum body-forming, horizontal and vertical seamers, leakage testers, painting and silk screen printing machines …

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CONTACT INFO BayTec Containers P.O. Box 838 Bacliff, TX 77518 Toll Free Call: 888.460.DRUM(3786) Toll Free FAX Order: 888.563.8481 EMAIL: [email protected]

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The large steel drum is a recognized global container with the same specifications around the world. With a wide range of internal coatings and liners, most goods can be packaged and transported in steel drums.

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Drum Manufacturing Equipment. Shells & ends manufacturing. Drum bodies manufacturing; Drum ends manufacturing; Body forming. Flanger/curlers; Bead expanders / Swedgers

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Reconditioned 55-gallon Steel Drum Production in United States 1996 – 2009 Unit: 1000 Drums Year Production 1996 34,300 1997 32,700 1998 33,400 1999 32,800 2000 31,900 2001 31,250 2002 31,600 2003 30,900 2004 31,400 2005 32,300 2006 31,800 2007 30,200 2008 30,100 2009 29,900 New 55-gallon Steel Drum Production in United States 1996 – 2009

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Texas Drum Company 1-888-403-8600. Texas Drum Company has been a leader in environmentally sound remediation, reconditioning, recycling and disposal of industrial containers since 2003. We provide remediation, reconditioning, recycling and disposal of IBC totes and plastic drums and supply UN/DOT specification IBC totes, drums and a complete line of parts, tools, equipment, liners, and ...

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Drum recycling, or better known as drum reconditioning, has been at the core of our business since it started. Many of the new drums we sell will be circulated right here in our region, being filled, emptied, reconditioned, and then refilled for many years. Then, once the drum is too worn to be reconditioned the metal is recycled.

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New England's Oldest Family-Owned Drum Manufacturer & Reconditioner. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts and with a long history of serving New England, New York, and Canada, Roche Brothers Barrel & Drum reconditions steel and plastic drums and Roche Manufacturing manufactures new steel drums.. Roche Brothers Barrel & Drum and Roche Manufacturing are proud to keep manufacturing …

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Reconditioned Steel Drums vs. New Steel Drums. Steel drums are highly suited for commercial and industrial operations that require strength and durability. New steel drums are made using high quality, durable steel materials. Hence, the new steel drums are very durable, reliable, and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

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Total steel drum reconditioning showed a slight decrease of 1% over two years - to an estimated total steel reconditioned sales of 23,431,000 drums. The number of steel drums scrapped was down almost a third from 2015 to an estimated 2.8 million units. The number of plastic drums …

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Introduction For many people, the spent 208-L(55- gal) steel drum has become the symbol of toxic and hazardous wastes. Even though drum reconditioning is intended to support environmentally desirable goals of recycle, reuse, and safe disposal of used drums, popular equating of drums and hazards focuses adverse attention upon the industry.

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They can also be used for storeage in-house. These drums have plugs in the covers also. There are no markings on the outside of the drum such as a rating or date of reconditioning. The non-hazardous drums have light duty carbon steel rings and small 5/16" bolt. They are painted black body/white top.

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Barrels and drum containers that can be reconditioned. Steel Drums; Poly Drums; We undertake all kinds of Barrels and Drums reconditioning contracts, right from cleaning, printing, coloring to spot delivery. We also take onsite reconditioning jobs.

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A Challenger Handling Ltd manufactured drum cabinet washer for sale for internally cleaning drums / containers up to 205 litre capacity. The machine consists of a cold-water recirculated wash (Wash detergent can be added) on…


UNIVERSAL DRUM Reconditioning Company (UDR) is the largest re-conditioner of steel and plastic drums in Canada with two facilities in the Greater Toronto Area to serve you. UDR has been in business for more than 35 years. In addition to supplying reconditioned drums and services UDR distributes a variety of new industrial packaging.

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For steel drums. Here's an inexpensive way to do your own testing of drums before re-use. Air-operated system is easy to install and use. Simply insert the test plug into any 2" NPS drum bung and turn on the air supply. A pilot light comes on when drum pressure reaches set point. If …

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Non UN / Non Hazmat Reconditioned / Used Hazmat Drums and Totes in Plastic, Steel and Fiberboard. Save money and buy our used drums.

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Reconditioned Drums are offered for sale in both plastic and steel. They come in tight head (closed top) and open head (removable top). These reconditioned drums are available as used 30 gallon, 50 gallon, and used 55 gallon drum sizes. Reconditioned Rain Barrels are also available. Reconditioned Drums can be used in packaging, storage, and shipping applications. Want to learn more? Check out ...

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Drum Reconditioning VIP: Very Important Principles. Drum roll, please. VIP is one of the leading drum reconditioners in Australia and New Zealand, supplying and collecting both steel and plastic drums across both nations. It's a role we relish with our stated commitment to recyclability.

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Through our focus on environmental awareness and an automated system, Milford Barrel remains the only steel drum reconditioning company it CT. We, as a leading reconditioning company in the northeast, are committed to offer our customer's quality reconditioned drums along with environmentally sound RCRA empty drum disposal services.

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Steel Drum Reconditioning. Drumtech`s steel drum reconditioning systems are simple to operate, outstandingly cost-effective and capable of undertaking every aspect of the conditioning process; from the pre-washing of drums to flush out the bulk of contaminates or heavy residue, through to de-denting, testing and painting.