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If you receycle the coolant that you're changing out for your customers, you can turn what was a liability into an asset. The KleenTec AF250 antifreeze recycler is an actual profit machine. Just collect the waste antifreeze in 25 gallon batches, and when you're ready, just start the recycling process.

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8 · CRS - Coolant Recycling System A Solution For Filtering Challenging Industrial Fluids The …

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Complete Cutting Fluid Recycling and Filtration Systems Eriez HydroFlow® is a leader in comprehensive coolant and fluid management technology serving the metalworking industry. These industrial filtration and fluid recycling systems maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity, improving machine tool productivity and reducing fluid disposal costs.

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Aug 04, 2017· The Eriez SumpDoc is an all-in-one portable fluid recycling system designed to completely filter and rejuvenate metalworking fluids in a machine tool sump without interrupting production. The system enables shop personnel to position the unit alongside the machine tool sump and treat the existing coolant while continuing to operate the machine tool.

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Our RECLAIM-PRO coolant purification systems, suited for hydrocarbon or vegetable oils, are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime. Our solutions rely on polypropylene coalescing plates to separate oil from coolant or water by utilizing the buoyancy of the oil droplets.

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Tube Mill Coolant Recovery Machine. How EdjeTech Coolant Recycling Systems Work. The Tube Mill Coolant Recovery Systems (T.M.C.R.S) is highly recommended when you need to clarify large volumes of coolant with various process rates. EdjeTech custom designs these tube mill filtration systems according to the individual needs of your facility.

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Centralized Coolant Filtration & Recycling Systems. Filter-Chill or Recycle Coolant or Machining Oils From Multiple Machines Using One Centralized System! MSC is a manufacturer of custom centralized coolant handling systems.

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Oil/water separators, straight oil filter units, central filtration/recycling systems, industrial filtration systems, such as: ultra filtration systems, high volume in-line filtration systems, and tube mill coolant filtration systems. EdjeTech can also solve your fluid filtration problems with custom systems designed specifically for the task ...

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Jan 06, 2009· Using the %10 concentration added to the waste coolant as specified, it means one $3 4# box of epson salts should treat 10 gallons of waste coolant. $6 for the average 20 gal. sump is pretty reasonable disposal cost if the seperated water is clean enough for disposal in municple waste water.

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Jul 13, 2020· Fluid recycling systems for effluent from vibratory & machine tool coolant systems are available. Features include 2 pumps with air diaphragm, automatic make up filtration, positive control of fluids to vibratory bowl, skid mounted unit, one point hookup, painted carbon steel base & 304 grade stainless steel tanks.

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There are also batch treatment systems, which are portable, or non-portable machine coolant recycling units. Machine coolant from individual machine sumps is treated in batches for contaminant removal. A recycle system for a small shop can cost from $7,500 to over $15,000 depending on the equipment options selected.

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The Portable Sump-Side Coolant Filtration and Tramp Oil Separator System SmartSkim Sump Caddy Systems include: • Our patented and proven V1.5 vertical coalescer • Suction Skimmer – slotted pipe arrangement to handle fluid levels from 4" and higher

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Reduce your cost of new coolant concentrate purchases by 30% to 75% Cut your cost of dirty coolant disposal by 50% to 90% Better control of coolant concentration levels Improve machine tool cleanliness and reduce misting Eliminate environmental risks and the liability of off-site disposal Improve tool life and product quality

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Coolant recycling systems are also used in water reclamation applications, where the coolant and oil are heated to high temperatures and then cooled with water. Using desalinization, boilers, and ionic filters, the water used in coolant recycling systems can be filtered through a wastewater treatment system for reuse.

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KFM, LLC. manufacturers the Coolant Purification System™, which combines multi-stage filtering with duel resin bed technology to strip out the suspended solids, dissolved solids, and the worn out additive package leaving an end product of ethylene (or propylene) glycol and water.

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Coolant vendors and recycling system vendors alike are developing new solutions that can save manufacturers production time and money and keep the environment safer and cleaner while allowing high-quality cutting operations. ... Keeping Machine Coolant Clean for Recycling.

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Service Provider of Coolant Wizard - Portable Recycling Coolant, Self-Contained Coolant Recycling Systems, Coolant Recycling Machine and Coolant System offered by V. M. Tecknologies, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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Make Offer - R-134A Recover Recycle Recharge Machine R-12 110V Recycling Max Pressure 17.5bar R-134A Recover Recycle Recharge Machine Dry Filter 600ml Charge Speed 1500g/min $2,564.97

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Coolant Recycling Equipment Our metalworking fluid management solutions are specifically geared to the type and brand of fluid in use in your facility. Our filtration and recycling equipment is supported by more than one hundred years of engineering expertise, as well as a …

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MSR Coolant Recovery Systems . We provide systems for central coolant recycling programs of any capacity or individual systems for single machines. We help with system process design because this ensures that the system provided will effectively treat the coolant for tramp oil removal.

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Through the process of coalescence (causing contaminants to bind together), coolant life can be extended, disposal costs drastically reduced, and the machining process made more efficient. In this way, coolant recycling positively affects production and profit. For more information on coolant recycling systems, click on the following: COMO ...

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Coalescing separators and recycling systems combined with bypass filtration provide excellent contamination removal. The model TS3 tramp oil separator/Coalescer (shown) is designed to remove tramp oil from machine tool coolant, wash water, or other bi-phase fluid mixtures where the dominant phase has a higher specific gravity and the mixture is ...

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Our coolant recycling systems can also be equipped with coolant chillers, hydrocyclones, magnetic separators, multi-pass process tanks equipped with clean coolant supply pumps, control valves and automated coolant make-up devices as well. Portable coolant recycling systems are available as well for sump to sump processing and ease of machine ...

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Once dirty coolant is in the Sumpcleaner, it can be easily and safely transported to the coolant recycling center. No more potential spills of dirty coolant in your shop. Once at the coolant recycling center, SmartSkim has incorporated technology that will allow for the easy transfer of coolant …

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Types of Recycling Equipment Systems. Recycling equipment can be classified into three general categories: Portable, Centralized and Dedicated. Portable Recycling — A portable unit is intended for shops of 50 machine tools or less. The unit is wheeled up to a machine and connected to the sump to circulate the coolant through the system.

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Sep 10, 2003· Recycling coolant for repeated use in machine tools is about the removal of contaminants, especially tramp oil and metal particulate from the machining process. Tramp oil is essentially a brew of machine tool oils and hydraulic fluids draining into the sump and mixing with any coolant base oil that has separated from the emulsion.

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Product Selection Chart Model # Flow Filtering Efficiency Application Tramp Oil Separator 3-150 gpm (11-568 lph) Coolant Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems 90-1,500 gph (341-5,678 lph) Coolant High Pressure Coolant Filters Coolant Magnetic Separator 5-265 gph (19-1,003 lph) 50-100 micron Coolant Paper Bed Filter 5-250 gpm (19-946pm) 15-50 ...